Melting Crystals.

I remember the glass sea beyond the crystal sands. It was unlike any other beach I had ever stepped upon, and I wasn't sure if I was walking across the Earth or a snow cloud. Pastel pinks, dreamy blues and whispers of purple spread across the land. Heaven is what I call it. Though, it never stays for long. It alters and changes with the seasons, like that pretty mind of yours. You sat with me. Your shift  came with the seasons, and I loved every moment of transition. I tapped my toes, waiting for you to say something. When you parted your dry Winter lips, the snow around us began to melt. You were changing seasons. 

It's that period of time when Winter turns to Spring. The snowflakes melt away as the temperature slowly rises, and the flowers bloom. March 20th marks the Vernal Equinox. We shall say farewell to the quiet days of snow, and wake with the planet in these early Spring days. The weeks will roll on to the April rain showers. We'll waltz in the rain (though I already have) and listen to the patters on the window. 

Winter has been filled with changes, internally and externally. I wasn't climbing Everest, but perhaps a smaller mountain. Luckily, I kept in mind that the season held immense beauty. Every few weeks, the sea was at the tip of my shoes again. The gentle waves had stayed with me through the cold. They were ever changing, yes, but they were always there. And they will be there for me for as long as I could imagine. 

Photographs of delicate laces and teacups with tulips that let me fantasize of Spring freely. There's nothing quite like it. It's a new beginning, a fresh breath, and every ounce of being awake captured in a morning-like season. 

I wish you a lovely transition from Winter to Spring. Fill your mind with flowers, and your wonderful heart with love and wonder. 

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