enchanted gardens.

The gentle hum of birds whirled through the air as we wandered through the lush green of sweet land. A feeling of time was pulled away and peace sailed across like the whiteness of the clouds against the soft, blue sky. We wandered across the paths, seeking out new little nooks. 

In Virginia, there's a lovely garden hidden in Norfolk inviting in the beauty of us all. It brings us peace and solitude, as well as creativity and adventure. It's a magical piece of land where fairies will happily make their home and sprinkle their dust for the animals and plants to find.

I felt as if I stepped inside a painting hung at the Metropolitan and explored inside the art of gentle pastels and watercolor. The place itself was a masterpiece and each of us were our own story within the art.

I fell in love with this enchanted garden, for it also carries history. History and beauty wrapped around each other to create the most lovely location. I hope to one day explore more, and gardens such as this allow me to do so now as well. That day was purely magic and I'm so happy that I got to experience it with some very loving people.

Check out the Norfolk Botanical Gardens here.

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  1. This place looks wonderful, lovely pictures!


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