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Pushing Boundaries.

Last year, I made the decision to cross the country to go to a college on the West Coast, University of San Diego specifically. There, I explored beaches, met wonderful people, found amazing restaurants, went to an entrepreneurship conference, was passionate about the classes I took, and opened my soul in ways I've only dreamed of.

Following that, I traveled overseas for a few weeks. First, I explored the souks of Marrakesh and Rabat. Hidden between the red walls were little shops of lanterns, dishes, silver jewelry, and moccasins. Snake charmers captured the attention of tourists and locals alike as the cobras lounged in the hot sun. It was as lovely, if not lovelier, than I imagined it to be. And there were a lot of cats.

After Morocco, I went to Madrid. The city was filled with people in the night, exploring, eating, and shopping. I had paella for the first time, and bought an SD card in a Spanish technology store. From Madrid, we took a plane to Brussels.

As soon as we landed…

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