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The beauty here is staggering. I love the melting blues and golds, and I love the natural land. Desert landscape is very different from the ever-shifting forests on the East Coast, and I've found myself longing for the crisp, jewel leaves of Autumn.

As this is my first time spending Autumn outside of Connecticut, I feel a slight sting in my chest, waiting for warm hues to spring forward. I crave the heavy clouds, the cool winds, and the mystical wave of Halloween in the air. But, none of those are here.

In the past, I've spoken of adjusting and transitioning to experience new and unusual things. Gointo the unknown. And now I am here. In the unknown, discovering and exploring. Yet, I miss the stars. I miss seeing Orion and Cassiopeia high above. I know I must open my heart further. I know everything takes time. I know time heals. The moon still rises and sets, just as it did before. It is my familiar point, my place to look up and remember we all see the same moon, even if it …

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