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I don't even know. I don't believe it. I'm still a whimsical young child. Okay? Okay. But the amount of love I have received today is incredibly overwhelming. Some people who I didn't even know sang happy birthday to me. And their smiles and joy made my heart thump.

There's really something special about having a birthday on Halloween. It feels strange to not feel the cold Autumn air around me, but San Diego got as spooky as it could be. Among the stucco architecture, a dark overcast spilled across the sky. I listened to Halloween music as I wandered from place to place. Everyone was dressed in magical costumes, and there were pumpkins everywhere. Mother Nature gave me the sweet gift of hummingbirds. I watched them as they buzzed around a tree, and my heart erupted.

Though the past few months have been difficult, I've grown and learned a lot. I've felt longings I never thought I would experience. I've felt alone from time to time. And I've also fel…

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