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An Absolutely Remarkable Evening.

Hello, friends. I know it has been a long while and I do apologize. I don't know if I have an adequate excuse for it, but I am here now.

Tonight, I sat in a not-too-big audience to see Hank Green talk about his new book, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing, and his perspective on the internet's influence on us today. In truth, I don't know an incredible amount about Hank Green like his normal viewers do. But, it was something unlike anything I've ever experienced before. I felt like I was engaged in an intriguing conversation with a friend-- well several friends. He also jabbed his thumb into an apple. It was fantastic. 
It started with a book reading, where he read a short excerpt from the book, which I'm so excited to read. That was followed by a quick Q+A with the illustrator of the inside page of his book. There's beautiful art of the Manhattan skyline that's done very cleverly. After that, Dianna Cowern came out and they asked questions together. Then they…

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