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Into the Unknown.

The universe has caught me in a very strange place and time. I've been feeling a little tongue-tied, a little quiet. The world is shifting from beneath my feet, though I follow the shift as it occurs.

In four days, I will be moving across the country to California for college. It will be much more different than my little East Coast beach town. The waves will be wild, the faces will be new, and the trees will be different. To be quite frank, I have no clue what to expect. I've been to that area quite a few times, but I will be there for months at a time.

I've felt a stronger confidence growing in me, like a flower budding and blooming. And it's reminding me who I've become over these past few years. I am an astronomer girl. I love myths and stories and art. I seek out adventure, and I belong with the trees. I love culture. I'd like to visit- live, I'd like to live- in Europe. Writing is my truest love. All these things. In all truth, I can be anyone who I …

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