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To 2018.

2017 has led me a lot of different directions, some for the better, and some for the worse. It started with quite a bit of uncertainty, especially in the early winter months. February 21st was a sad day for me, so I lifted myself out of those heavy spirits with one simple line: Know what you are capable of. It worked for quite a while, and it still works. Eventually, that wintry somberness shifted with the seasons, and my happiness was revived with the Spring.

Early this year, I was taking a class where we went hiking every week. Yes, it was in the frosty Winter and muddy Spring, and somehow that made it all the better. It was so wonderful to get lost in forests along with a lovely friend of mine and 30 other people. We brought our cameras and took pictures along the trails. There were days where all I had to do was draw in my drawing class, go on a hike, then learn about mythology. Those were my favorite kinds of days.

In May and June, I had my first internship which turned into a j…

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