Hm, new adventures. The thing about adventures is that they could be either insanely large or insanely small...or anywhere in between really. I plan on embarking on small adventures that will hopefully help out my colossal adventure. I would like to introduce you to one of my small adventures. And that is this blog. Thought What a strange blog name. But, I'm sure you've seen many of those in your lifetime. Most blogs have some sort of structure to them. Like perhaps, it's a fandom blog or fashion or home decor or something else that would go under etcetera. literally thoughts. Things that cross my mind or the things I do on a day to day basis. Um...who cares about my life when they have their own to keep up with? Well, perhaps my blog is not for you. But, I'll try to keep it interesting. Also, pictures pictures pictures. I'm not a perfect photographer, but I love taking photos. So, let's begin this adventure with nature photos taken by yours truly, shall we?

Yeah um...a lot is going to change probably. This was a kind of disorganized first blog but hey. I'll improve. Well....oh. By the way, I love magical things which explains the flower/fairy/elf child thing. Yeah. That's it. Keep being beautiful. (I shall be more creative with my following posts, promise). 

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