first of autumn.

Ah. Autumn. I've been speaking of it quite a bit, haven't I? And it has finally arrived. It feels....amazing. Really, how else do you describe one's favorite season? Well. Okay okay. There are a million other adjectives you could use. But, Autumn has always been like my new beginnings time period. I don't know if it's because of the transitions, but it's just time. 

I felt the chill weave through my sweater. It was only the first of many. I witnessed a leaf fall. It was a beautiful little dance. So, I sat, under that tree of golden yellow and fiery reds and wrote a poem. "Carry me, oh strong one. I'll be your delicate one. We can dance like the falling leaves and hold each other close as the chill of the air kisses our skin." Then he walked up beside me, caramel hair all messy, and said "hello." I smiled gently, "Happy Autumn, Love."

I celebrated the first day of Autumn with Dunkin' Donuts pumpkin donuts and Starbucks hot chocolate. Not the healthiest choices, but it was really something I associated with Autumn. The pumpkins everywhere make me so happy. The bright smiles and falling leaves make me melt. And the incredible people around me who are all warm in their pretty sweaters make me fall in love. And suddenly, it's like a wave of peace just washes over me. And it's special. It's...Autumn. 

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