There's some sort of gentleness that comes along when you find things you love. Whether it be a photo, a person, a word...I feel like someone just put a warm blanket over me. I love many people. I love when old friends notice me. I love when I see the same stars in the same place. I love books...

I love peacefulness. I love calm days. I love snow. I love quotes. I love creativity...

I love positive energy. I love things that inspire. I love being loved. I love a stranger's smile...

We all love. All of this brings along a fuzzy feeling inside me. It' slipping in and out of dreams. Falling into blurry days or falling out. Perhaps, it's also like seeing clearly on a completely foggy day. 

But this soft feeling will always make us feel. And it's quite a brilliant feeling, really.

Photo source: Tumblr.

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