Two Artists: Peyton June Leatherman and Tes Molina

Creativity grows from the depths of one's mind. Yet all minds are their own dreams that we find ourselves floating in. From there, we all tend to create create create in our own different ways. We find magic within which leads to brilliant outputs that become appreciated by the world. Authors write books, photographers capture the most enticing photos, and artists draw. Though, I believe artists are all of the above. They are the photographers and the writers....and they create. We mustn't forget the beautiful images they can create by hand, for those can be the most precious of all.

I got the chance to interview two incredibly magical people who share a love for art. Within them, I found beauty and pure creativity. They each hold a unique personality that they are entirely capable of expressing through their media. These two artists are Peyton June Leatherman and Tes Molina. 

Each of them have their own canvas washed over with the color of their hearts and minds. Read on to delve deeper into the minds of Peyton and Tes.

left: Peyton, right: Tes
When did you realize drawing was something you absolutely loved?

Pey: I have always defined myself as an artist. I have been "the art girl" in my class 5ever. It's something my friends and relatives expect me to be but that's fine because I actually like doing it.

Tes: I've been drawing my whole life as a hobby. When I was younger my priority was literature. It was around 7th grade that I came across other artists online add decided it was something I actually wanted to do.

photo by Peyton
If you were to describe your style in...5 words, what would you say?

Pey: I am so bad at this kind of stuff oh dear....eyebrows, vintage, glowy, girly, eyebrows.

left art by Peyton, model: Tes
When did you two meet each other and what did you think of the other person at first?

Pey: I'm not exactly sure, haha. We just gradually started commenting on each other's art more and more often and now we're bffs, I guess? I thought her style was something different, and I liked the vibe of all her stuff.

Tes: I've been following Peyton on Instagram for quite a while. To be honest I have no idea how it was that we began interacting. I used to think she was too cool to befriend me.

left art by Peyton, right art by Tes

Which mythical creature do you think you are? Which mythical creature do you think the other is?

Pey: Tes is like the fairy spirit guarding some ancient forest....I'm not sure what I am...something sparkly.

Tes: I like to believe that I am a mermaid but fish terrify me. Peyton is probably a mermaid-unicorn-fairy hybrid.

left art by Peyton, right art by Tes.

If you could live in any other era or time period, where would you live?

Pey: Though I am a huge petticoat enthusiast, I sorta wanna have the right to vote, leave the house without the company of a man etc, so I actually have to say the 1980's. So many great movies and songs and I can let my hair do its natural poof.

Tes: The Victorian Era. It held some interesting fashion tendencies.

left: Liv and Peyton, right: Tes
If you could take the place of any fictional character, who would it be?

Pey: Such a tough question! I read this book in 5th grade about a girl that finds out she's a fairy, and has a cute half-goblin boyfriend and that is soooooo precious so I'd totally take the place of the girl from Wings.

Tes: Coraline. She is aware that her cat (although speechless in our reality) knows English. That is rewarding enough to go endure the horror.

left art by Peyton; right art by Tes.
What would you consider a relaxing afternoon spent together?

Pey: We could totally go discovering some abandoned houses. JUST NOT AT NIGHT!!!

left art by Peyton; right art by Tes.
How similar or different do you think you are to each other?

Tes: We both make (mostly digital) art. I think she's way more positive than I am.

left art by Peyton; right photo by Tes.
What is happening with @cagethebirds at the moment? When you think of the words, "cage the birds," what comes to mind?

Pey: We take turns featuring art, photography and poetry we find on our tag, or just awesome stuff we found on Instagram. Tes came up with the name, some people thought it was a reference to the Maya Angelou poem, but it's actually not!

left art by Peyton; right photo by Tes
It was truly an amazing experience when I interviewed these girls. They inspire me to keep improving my art as well as being confident in sharing it with others. Keep up with Peyton, Tes and Cage The Birds on Instagram!

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