among the trees.

There stands a small, hidden town scattered with trees, animals, mountains, flowers and a rushing waterfall. The town is green, prompting happiness and peace all around. Yet, you're on an adventure, feeding your curious mind with new sounds and images. Magic is in the air...

We followed the path less traveled amidst our day of break between days filled with tasks to complete. We simply explored, as young minds should.

Among the trees, we ran and played as positive vibrations weaved through our bodies. The giants spoke to us in their beautiful voices. And the majestic waterfall danced through the branches and rocks. It was Earth in it's finest form. We weren't only watching the Earth move, but we were a part of the natural and the magical. The land was us and we were the land.

I believe the Earth is a muse of mine and we share secrets on occasion. I share secrets with the myths hidden in the woods. It's grand and constantly's something to never stop exploring. I shall await my next exploration, but for now, I shall read all the mythical novels that speak of fairies, warlocks and things of the such that I can.

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  1. you look like a beautiful earth goddess in a mystical place!

    1. Why thank you, love. For you are just as wonderful as the sun for brightening up my day. Though, your name does look familiar, have we crossed paths before?

  2. I'm glad I could:) and probably, I sit behind you in chem:P


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