a dream of a lead.

Dearest friends,

I would like to introduce you to Christofer Drew Ingle. I recently went to my first music festival (Vans Warped Tour), and NeverShoutNever, a small band from Joplin, Missouri, was there as well. I have waited about three years to finally meet them or attend their concert, and I got to do both.

Before 4:30, we arrived at the tent to get a picture with the lead singer, Christofer Drew. That was the first moment I saw him in person...I may have melted.

Afterward, we headed to the TEI tent for a workshop with him. The specific workshop I attended was a songwriting lesson and we wrote a poem as a group instead. I asked him about inner peace, then contributed to the poem.

At the end of the day, we gathered around the stage and waited for the band to begin playing, pure magic flowing through the air as Pierce The Veil concluded with King For A Day. The entirety of mysticism and love was unlocked as NeverShoutNever danced onto the stage and began with I Love You 5. I sang along and danced with the crowd around me as the sun began to set and the tents disappeared.

It was magic. And I shall leave you off with a poem composed in the workshop by the students who attended as well as Christofer himself:

Breaking News

Don't know how long I've been coasting along,
All by my lonesome in endless blue,
They say the sky is the limit,
Have I reached the end?

A shell woven together, 
Holding nothing but air.
Bon voyage,
A journey fueled by fire.
Breathing in, and breathing out,
A lack of warmth sends me drifting slowly down.

A light in the distance brings a spark of hope,
As I slowly fade into the light,
My dull colors feel repainted 
As the attraction of light wills me toward it.

As I land in the sand feeling comfort and release,
 From the fire burning bright,
Two glowing eyes approach.
The savior of my loneliness prepares for a ride.
Friendship and love that will never be blown out.

A hot air balloon saved some dude on an island.

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  1. This sounds like a rad experience, especially when you are a genuine fan. A lifelong memory. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲


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