ever changing.

When I exit my home, cold tendrils wrap around my body and sneak to my bones. Yet, I don't mind. It's the gentle air saying hello to my calm being. The rustle of leaves begin at my feet as a quiet crunch, though the sound turns to music as trees sway in the wind and brush my hair back. The smell of pumpkin touches my nose and I am drawn to the fields of yellow and orange. I'm cozied up in a sweater one size too big and the love of people beside me. Welcome, Autumn.

I'm beginning to fall into my dreams, to dance against the stars once again. I've fallen in love with theories and stories, and I forgot for sometime. Someone woke me up again, and what a beautiful, crisp morning it is. I feel like I'm learning so much, and it's very exciting. People are very exciting.

And when we include this amazing season filled with hot chocolate, warm and cold, pumpkins, leaves, pretty mugs, Halloween and so much more, gosh I melt. I'm falling in love with so many things. It's a time to settle down, gather blankets and tell stories. I want to cry of happiness.

Take a look around, darling. It's a message I don't think I have stopped saying. Embrace your surroundings and fall in love. Oh, and tell someone you love them if you can. It's always important to do that. Expect many Autumn themed photos to come. I've been enchanted.

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