silk seas and crimson leaves.

Our dearest Summer is slowly reaching an end as the Autumn Equinox approaches. It was splendid, with surprise adventures and fields of green grass. Not to mention the uncountable days spent by the darling sea (Fun fact: there's actually a river in Australia called Darling).

The ocean has stolen my heart. There's no doubt that I'm going to visit during the colder days. I dream of wandering by the ocean when there is snow taking place of sand with a hot chocolate in hand.

As a nature lover, I love all seasons quite truthfully. I dream of each one, and they all are drenched with different leaves in different hues or bare bark wanting to be warmed. Along with these new seasons come new ideas of creativity that I may have never thought of before. I'm quite grateful for it all. As Autumn starts turning our leaves, new ideas are born too.

Currently, I've been thinking about rearranging. Autumn cleaning? Maybe. My intention is to surround myself of which emphasizes the beauty of the season (perhaps to make just enough room on my night table to fit a traveler's cup of hot chocolate). Meaning more books, more blankets, more mugs and lots of love. LOTS of love. Everywhere. Yes. Do I have permission to say love is cozy?

Yes, then. That is the note I will leave this off with. Love is cozy, so love.

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  1. My favorite blog yet. It's beautiful. You're becoming a better writer everyday. Love it & Love you.

  2. I've just discovered your blog. Beautiful and inspiring! Can I ask where you live? You have beautiful scenarios in your pictures!

    1. I do live on the East Coast of the US, but I think beauty can be found everywhere, don't you think?


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