Strange Terrestrial Wonders.

We drove on shifting highways as a clock ticked softly on my wrist. Since it was my first trip to Vermont, my head was filled with wonder. My soul was meant to explore the continuous terrain we call our lovely planet and there was nothing more to do in that time. We ran into the most unexpected things, like a telephone booth outside of a crowded city and a shipwreck out of sea...though quite truthfully it was an abandoned, fallen home.

The Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden gave us a sweet little place to observe the calm surroundings deep in the blue mountains. As we arrived, many guests were preparing for a wedding. They hurried around in jet black bowties and flowing Spring dresses to celebrate the beautiful thing we call love. We rested our souls there for the evening, gathering energy from the gentle environment and the blazing stars above our heads so we may continue to trek joyfully the following day.

With my mother at the wheel and my sisters by my side, we cruised through roads less traveled and came across things we would've never seen if we didn't travel so curiously. It was simply a place we had never seen before, and it was a place that was ours to explore as well. In Manchester, we visited the Southern Vermont Arts Center. Outside, there rests colossal structures of natural, raw human expression. Of course, I was particularly drawn to one and couldn't wait to get a picture with the cylindrical rainbow.

It was a trip like any other, where we traveled on the open road. Though the adventures, the places we found ourselves, were unlike the things we have seen in the past. We all must let our spirits explore the great landscape we have been treasured with.

Though, adventuring and exploration is beyond going to great distances physically. I'm curious every day about the things I could have seen many times much like people. People who I have known for a long while, or have only seen a few times, have a tendency to leave me with the strangest questions. Do you prefer day or night? Tea or coffee? 1880 or 1920 or something else? Who are you? They are all common questions you would hear from me. Quite simply, I'm in love with gorgeous souls and the magnificent universe. And I am so grateful for the magic it wakes inside of me.

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