Perhaps we fell into a deep sleep, and remained still as the rest of the world continued to rush by. Perhaps we fell into the rush. Perhaps we let ourselves dream instead of do. Perhaps we layered ourselves with what the world wanted, and left our truest self hidden beneath strewn papers and continuous voices.

I had put my truest self to rest for some time, keeping the flame kindled, but very very small. I hadn't even realized. Almost accidentally, I let the flame grow, and I felt my heart swell with happiness, with recognition. I looked at my internal landscape and thought I was not quite sure where you had gone, or if you had gone, but hello again. Please stay for a while. 

Now, there rests my flaming soul deep in my chest, like a star in the night sky. I must keep it going, keep the flame alive. As I write this, I feel it lighting away inside me. I will tend to it. I will make sure not to lose it. 

And for you, remember to tend to yourself. Remember to keep your dreams alive. Remember the things you love. Take a risk. Breathe deeply. Soften. Embrace the new things, and keep your heart open for change. Always remember you are in control of your own happiness, and you have the ability to create it. Surround yourself with what puts you at peace. Feel the Earth kiss you with rain or sun. Write a story, listen to one too. Smile. Laugh. Sleep. Dream. Do.

Reawaken the flame of your soul and let it light the way within you.

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