Eclectic Collection.

In the little, quiet towns of Gaylordsville and Kent, Connecticut, there's a different kind of culture. There's the expand of endless green, with mountains that remind me of the Adirondacks. If you look closely you'll stumble upon cows and horses and little vintage shops resembling a home. The blue sky contrasts against the trees, and everything is calm. Everything is still.

As you enter the little shop, you'll find rare beauties. Toffee tins for England, true vintage denim, botanical sketchbooks, clockwork earrings, crochet dresses, old jars, kitchen utensils, beautiful statues, lost belongings, the old, the new, the unseen, the one and onlys.

For some reason, I'm so madly in love with the statue above. Perhaps it's the gentleness and ancientness. Or the beautiful child that reminds me of a story I once wrote. Or how real the fabric of her dress appears. It's too lovely.

After exploring the vintage shop and leaving with an old jean jacket, a little magical tin and a set of earrings, our stomachs churned with the need for a snack. We drove through central Kent, where little taverns and more vintage thrift shops welcomes us. People crossed the roads, and in hand and spoke softly. It was something in the past, and once again, it strongly reminded me of the Adirondacks with all it's beauty.

We chose Chinese cuisine, and took our food over to Kent Falls State Park, a favorite place in our hearts. The waterfall trickled down with less water than I remembered, exposing the organic forms of the rocks below. It was always a beautiful natural structure.

That was the final trip before school rolled around once again. It was a fantastic way to end summer vacation. I went on my first hike, which actually turned out to be a smaller trek, as there was only two of us and we followed the easier trail. But, soon, there will be more hikes. Longer ones, to awaken the soul and immerse myself deeper into the natural world.

As we transition into Autumn, I will let go of the wonderful Summer, and invite the gentle excitement of falling leaves into me. Everything must come and go, and I think I can happily say this was a truly amazing Summer. I feel Autumn coming, I feel the new adventures it will bring, and my heart does not fail to yearn for adventure. Come, September. Come, October. Come, November. I will be more than happy to see you with the lovely scent of pumpkins and apples in the air. Yes, I am excited for Fall and all it has to bring.

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