Fog and Blue Mornings.

Sometimes it can become difficult to simply slow down. I've reiterated the importance of it countless times, slow, my love. Though, for the most of January, I was caught in the rush of every day, constantly keeping myself busy with school and things of the such. It got stressful at times, but there were points when I stopped to do something new or when the work I was doing finally paid off (getting amazing grades on my midterms and working on a new painting, oh what a blessing). Of course, it was filled with new adventures and things I have yet to experience, but what it lacked was stillness. 

This morning I woke up to a lovely calmness. Blue light poured through the window in the slits of the blinds, and a pink himalayan rock lamp illuminated the opposite end of the room. They kissed the ceiling until the middle faded to a gentle grey. I woke to this gentleness, the gift of a sweet morning, the perfect elixir to regathering myself. There was something different in the morning, no rush, no eruption of emotion, just calmness. I slipped my earbuds in and played Benjamin Francis Leftwich. Behind the sound of his soft voice, I could hear the birds outside my window, mingling the sounds and senses. 

It reminded me of the distant mountains in Colorado, or some old stories I once wrote. I stepped outside, and felt the cool air kiss my skin like the blue light kissed the ceiling of my room. A cup of English Breakfast tea warmed my hands as I slipped outside the door into the green on my backyard. The branches webbed the sky above us, like a glistening canopy. I couldn't help but think, this must be my favorite kind of weather.

On this slow morning, I imagined two people, Piter and Holland, and a story for them. And I remembered what I am capable of. If I need to slow, I can. If I need to allow calmness to enter my bones, I absolutely can. I suddenly understand what it's like to be so caught in one way that you nearly forget another. And sometimes things just simply don't go as planned, which happens quite often. But the morning greeted me and filled my mind with the stillness I needed. So it's alright. That was truly all I needed to feel connected to myself once more, just a morning with tea, fog, and the still blue. 

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