Ten Things.

I've yet to do one of these, though this seemed like a good opportunity. 

1. I recently graduated from high school, which is where all these pictures are from. Over the past four years, I have met some of the most incredible people who have sculpted and altered me into the girl I am today. A huge thank you to every soul who has had some kind of impact on me. Love you tremendously. 

2. The night before I graduated, I stood up in front of a filled auditorium and read one of my poems. That was simply unreal. Out of all days, it was the Summer Solstice. What other day would one find me reading a poem on a stage? Ha. 

3. There is a new project on my mind, involving my favorite thing ever. Though, I haven't started it yet. Hopefully I can begin tonight, after tidying up my space a wee bit. I want a clear mind for this project, along with a lot of inspiration and research. Let's see where it takes me. 

4. I finished watching Riverdale last night. It's such a beautifully made show. The color work is incredible. 

5. I need new pens in order to make my summer bucket list, though I don't quite like calling it a bucket list. It's simply things I must do before the summer ends. Don't worry, it will be here when I make it. I am already listing the bullet points in my head, but it isn't official until I write it down. 

6. I don't like using vertical images on here too much, for I feel it takes away from the aesthetic. But hey, sometimes it's okay. 

7. I'm reading a really good book filled with short stories from the Shadowhunter Chronicles. I am positively in love with this series. I have been since I picked up the first book. Nothing compares. James Herondale is the love of my life, in case you were wondering. 

8. I love Europe. Hopelessly. I need to travel. 

9. I made an amazingly delicious concoction of Arizona half and half, lemonade, oranges, and mint. I need to come up with a good name for it. I also love mixing drinks. I never realized. 

10. I'm working on the Thought Dweller Instagram some more. Click below to see it. 

Take a peek at the Thought Dweller Instagram. 


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