Into the Unknown.

The universe has caught me in a very strange place and time. I've been feeling a little tongue-tied, a little quiet. The world is shifting from beneath my feet, though I follow the shift as it occurs.

In four days, I will be moving across the country to California for college. It will be much more different than my little East Coast beach town. The waves will be wild, the faces will be new, and the trees will be different. To be quite frank, I have no clue what to expect. I've been to that area quite a few times, but I will be there for months at a time.

I've felt a stronger confidence growing in me, like a flower budding and blooming. And it's reminding me who I've become over these past few years. I am an astronomer girl. I love myths and stories and art. I seek out adventure, and I belong with the trees. I love culture. I'd like to visit- live, I'd like to live- in Europe. Writing is my truest love. All these things. In all truth, I can be anyone who I please. All of what has occurred has led up to the person I am now, and I'm still growing. My confidence is in my growth.

The hardest part of all of this is being far from the souls who have helped craft who I am today. One will be closer to me, but the others will be over 2,000 miles away. But, I must open my soul to new ones, and if it was meant to last, it will last. For one thing I know is time and distance can't stop what is meant to be, as it will find some way to flourish. Love will not be stopped.

One thing I'm leaving behind is my first job. I work at Kaia Yoga, though today is my last day. A few months ago, when I was training for this job, I gave the girl who was training me a hug, and a little while after she left for another job. Yesterday, I was training someone else. And when it was time to leave, she gave me a hug, though in a little while I will be leaving too. As strange as it sounds, everything came full circle.

Leaving is not an easy feat. But, I have to keep in mind that it isn't forever. It's a new adventure, one I was most definitely in search of. I can seek out the stars in California's night sky, I can take a trip to Utah, I can explore Portland, I can finally go to Big Sur. I will navigate a new course across the seven seas, and I will shift with the Earth.

Thank you to everyone who has had any kind of impact on me. Whether it be big or small, you helped build me into who I am today, and I am so happy for that. Here's to all kinds of adventures, risks, and change. Much love to all. I'll see you on the West Coast.

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