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You know when you meet someone so amazing and all you want to do is just get to know them a little better than that first glimpse at their beautiful face? It honestly happens to me quite often. Although I may be shy, there are some people who I just want to keep talking to. But, this time, it wasn't exactly face to face...once more, let's applaud the internet for being the incredible thing it is and introducing me to the rad soul of Brigette Muller a.k.a The Hummusbird. She's been my inspiration for quite a while now and when this summer started, I felt like I had a ton of opportunities I couldn't pass up. Interviewing Brigette was one of them. Now, this was my very first interview. And I'm happy to say it was successful. Okay. Now, Brigette Muller is probably one of the loveliest bloggers you will ever set your eyes upon. She searches for beauty in everything while being beautiful herself. Currently, she has her own Etsy shop, blog, Instagram and other networks. So...enough talk from me. And let's get down to the questions and answers...shall we? 

What inspired you to be a FP blogger and own your own beautiful Etsy shop?

I was a huge fan of the Free People blog for years. I've always loved how the bloggers focused on appreciating life's simple things, because that's how I've always been, as well. After I graduated college I thought, "Wouldn't that be incredible if I could be a part of that?" I love to create things that I think are beautiful and share them with others, and Free People and Etsy both give me the ability to do those things!

What are your opinions on love, wisdom, peace and happiness?

I think that love is the most powerful force that exists, wisdom is something we should never take for granted in our elders, peace resides within us at even the craziest of times, and happiness is a way of life. 

What's your current adventure?

My biggest adventure at the moment is to figure out how to be the best version of myself. I want to strengthen every aspect of myself, emotionally and physically, find out what moves me most, and harness that energy, all while becoming gentler on myself and those around me. I think we all need to take the time to fall in love with ourselves first, and then we can go out and spread that love to everyone and everything we encounter. 

What is one thing you never want to forget?

I never want to forget that we're all in this together. When life gets tough, it sometimes seems like everyone and everything is against us, holding us back from true happiness. But really, if we take a deeper look, we can see that everyone struggles in one way or another. We need each other, and love is the best thing we can ever exchange. 

What were your childhood dreams? 

I've always wanted to be a mother and a homemaker. It's still my dream to live in a beautiful yet modest house with a few little ones and an awesome dude; to spend each day taking care of those humans and making the space we inhabit feel as magical as ever. 

What steps would you suggest taking for following your dreams?

The first step is truly believing that it's possible to attain your dreams - because it totally is. After that, just do what comes naturally. Never let fear of the unknown hold you back. 

Day or night? Why?

Day, 100%. Sunlight makes me feel inspired, happy, and motivated - like I can do anything. Darkness usually just makes 
me fall asleep, ha! 

Who do you think you are as a person?

I think that life is a constant quest to find a deeper understanding of who we are, and I think that each of those people is ever-changing, but I think that right now I'm a silly, happy, confident yet anxious person who is always searching for beauty and humor, and truly just wants everyone to get along. 

What is one thing you want to do before you grow old?

Oh, I need to be on TV in some way. Even if it's just once. 

If you were to ever discover a new constellation, what would you want it to be of?

Can it be a constellation of flowers? I would love to discover a constellation of flowers somewhere out there. 

Seriously. This girl is lovely. You cannot convince me otherwise. She's been one of my greatest inspirations for quite a while. Literally, speaking to her is like a dream come true. Brigette is one of the girls you want to be hanging around. A happy little free spirit is what she is. Which would probably explain why she's a brilliant part of the creative and lovely Bldg. 25 Blog. It's strange yet incredible how other people can make you feel more at peace with yourself. She has helped me become more peaceful and happy. I know it may be strange since all I really have is a small glimpse into her life. I've only seen a little branch of a beautiful, large tree. Yet, the branch is just as magical as the rest of the tree. 

Well. That's Brigette Muller. The Hummusbird. The Beauty. You can check her out on EtsyInstagramBldg. 25 and her blog

Okay, you guys have to let me fangirl for a brief moment. I asked if we can be friends and she of course we can. She's so sweet I can't even. 

Big thanks to Brigette for being the amazing girl she is and being my first person to interview. (And for the pictures which I got from her blog).

Check out this girl's Etsy shop!


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