new vibration.

As the rain clouds move out and the sky turns a blue only as pretty as a Victorian's eyes, a wave washes over me. I feel new and curious, free and breathing. There's wonder about clocks and time, as well as love and peace. Though, I still feel some important things from before coming back to keep me safe. I'm reacquainting myself with what was peaceful and finding new things that put my mind in a sweet fog of morning pine trees. Calmness weaves into my bones and the inner wanderlust awakens. I scribble words across paper, words that would take me where I want to go. Welcome, new season. We have some adventuring to do.

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  1. This is perfect timing. I've been a writing mood and the pictures are so inspiring. Just write words... beautiful words.

    1. Oh, thank you. I took a peek at your blog and it's quite lovely.


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