the wisdom of the trees.

Time. It's one word that leads to a million different things. It's the center of our universe. Time goes on and everything grows. Time also leads to stories. When combining the two, it creates history. From Ancient Greece to Victorian England to today, stories string the world together as clocks slowly tick. 

Sometimes I wish I could time travel. Other times, I think it would be cool if I was immortal. I look at myself, then the universe. I'm small. The universe is colossal. Isn't it a thing to explore? 

Since I can't time travel just yet, I can still explore. There are mountains, forests, deserts, rivers, oceans, glaciers and so much more to discover.

One thing to notice when exploring is the stars. Look up. Stars live through history. They've seen us and they've seen the little French girl asking for bread in the 1700s. Maybe stars are history within themselves. Then again, nature has been here since the dinosaurs walked the Earth. 

That's where it comes back to. Nature. Don't forget to fall in love with the trees and sky, for they carry the wisdom of centuries. 

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  1. yes love this post. it's so important to be in tune with nature...thanks for sharing xo


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