Clay and Cities.

I'm a piece of clay.

I've been constructed by my surroundings more than once, from each location I've been. Though I have not been to many, I have been to drastically different ones. With the change, I've been sculpted to fit. The people that sculpted me left me a blob without realizing it, and nor did I.

But, then I let artists touch me. I let people who know figure, form, dimension, unity, color, beauty and everything more sculpt me. They added edges and smooth land. They added new and creative pieces to me, and I fell in love. So I continued sculpting myself with the hands they gave me, for they saw goodness and usefulness.

Now, here I am. I am a work of art beyond a blob of clay, and I continue to improve. I am mountains and valleys. I am the grand city in all my lights, I am my own planet. I feel truth overwhelm my body, and happiness too. I feel like a cloud. I feel sure and conscious and real and alive.

I am an art piece in the works. And I thank all the beautiful souls for helping create me.

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  1. Aw that was really cute, i liked it.

  2. wonderful post :)


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