A Photo.

I'm just going to put this here. Just let the sisterly love set in. Let the moment of a pretty day in Norfolk, Virginia enter your mind. A calm, blue summer day. I can't quite recall the date, but it was a zen day. Virginia was zen, with its nature conservatory and pretty parks. 

A lot did happen in Norfolk, much of which I cannot remember at the moment. But, I remember laying on the grass in the middle of a town I had never been to before. We were beside the water, and I'm pretty sure I took a small nap on that grass. 

I wonder if I'll look at my face in this photo in a few years and think "ugh is that what I looked like? Why did I like this picture? Maybe I should delete this post." Hey, future me, don't do it. This is a great picture. Remember that day. Remember those fun adventures. Don't delete it. Alright? Alright. 

Kisses to the love bug in the photo that's kissing my cheek. Love love. 

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