Xenia Fleur, The Celestial Gypsy.

Life is strange when you meet a space traveling alien at the beach when you really only meant to find some sea glass...I guess you never know what you'll find.

She emerged from the Sound, drenched in silvers that echoed the distant look of the stars above. Her dress was similar to the water and her skin was the tone of wet sand. Her fingers were adorned in two rings of precious metals, one with blue stones embedded within. Around her head, she wore a chain that told the location of her home planet, a name of which I cannot pronounce nor type. And she was curious.

Naturally, when you witness someone rise from the sea like the moon at dusk, you must ask who they are. When I asked, she told me her name was Xenia Fleur. She got here when her spaceship accidentally was caught in Earth's orbit when she was passing by, and she lost all control. As someone interested in aerospace science, I asked if I could see her ship, but she said it crashed in the ocean and sunk to the bottom. While she was down there, she conducted quick studies on the creatures of Earth, the planet, and the languages. Then she swam to shore in order to explore while her ship reconstructed and built energy on it's own. (How efficient for the environment!)

(Upon further research, I realized that the name Xenia is derived from xenos, which is a greek word for foreigner or guest. And Fleur means flower in French.)

She asked a lot of questions, and I got quite a few amusing photos filled with worried expressions of an extraterrestrial spirit. She asked about tsunamis and hurricanes, but most of all, her fear lingered with the large creatures of the sea: sharks. Quite surprisingly, she found space whales fascinatingly beautiful, but something about sharks filled her mind with worry. I assured her that she would find no shark where we were, but she still seemed very careful when she went into the water.

Xenia chose to explore the land a bit before going back to her ship. Much like humans, her species seemed to open their hearts as night swallowed the brightness of day. The moon illuminated above us, and she discovered constellations she had not seen so easily before, as many other skies from different planets were filled with clustered stars. The alien girl told me of her travels. She was not content on her home planet, and felt her heart yearned to discover further planets, stars and galaxies. So she did. The road she takes is incredibly lonely, she enjoys meeting the people from all around the universe, and the breathtaking views are all worth it.

We spent the night wandering around this small town, taking in the stillness and occasional pool of light from the street lamps. I noticed she wanted to stay near the water, as her ship was there and they were connected. We spoke of our different lives on completely different planets. Her planet seems much more advanced technologically, and she loves engineering, which was quite fascinating. Who would have expected a space traveler to be an engineer as well?

As the sky began to lighten with the first speckles of sunrise, we made our way back to the beach we began with. It looked the same, as it probably always would. But, the only difference was the girl from space. She was like the moon in her silvers. We said farewell to one another, and I wished her happy travels. She told me one word to use if I ever needed her, and it's only to be used if absolutely necessary.

Xenia Fleur will not be forgotten, even if I may never see her again. But something tells me that wasn't farewell. She will be back, I have no doubt of it. And I will be here, waiting for my celestial gypsy to return.

I hope you enjoyed the fictions of Xenia Fleur. As much as I wish this was real, Xenia is a character I created inspired by the dress she wears. 

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