forest wanderers.

Yesterday marked a very important day for anyone in the Harry Potter fandom (Yes, I used the term fandom. I may be an undercover fangirl. Shhh), as it was J.K. Rowling's birthday. Fortunately, I got to spend the day with a very close friend of her magical fairy-like backyard. 

One thing that is known about me is if it involves the magic and rawness of nature as well as books, you can count me in. 

We wandered through her backyard in our Harry Potter apparel like little sprites in search of adventure. Little fish swam through the dark stream as green bugs found their way upon our skin and climbed us like trees. Not to mention her darling little chameleon, Charlie, was the sweetest thing.

I always tend to feel an inner connectedness when wandering through trees. By that stream with the trees towering above us, I felt so. Incredibly. Peaceful. I couldn't help but think of the contrast of a creative spirit wandering through the city, the trees replaced by brilliant architecture. It reminds me that we all are different and find what we crave in different environments.

This specific adventure was for the purpose of honoring a lovely lady who changed the lives of many people by publishing stories that stole hearts. Though, it was more. It was nature beckoning us to explore in this season. To experience the lush green and sunlight. Love filtered through us as the golden rays weaved through the leaves, illuminating their individual structure.

I am, and always will be a book reading nature lover.

Always shirt and Hogwarts Quidditch Sweater by Dobby's Threads


  1. Loving the ~forbidden forest yard~ and I completely relate as a book-and-nature lover. This looks like such a lovely afternoon.

    (Checking in as a secret Harry Potter fangirl, too. I'm dying to go to the Wizarding World -- boyfriend thinks I'm crazy for putting money away in my Wizarding World savings account instead of buying a bed for the new house....)

    1. Ah, thank you. Books and nature are so important.

      (I'm questioning as to why I don't have my own Wizarding World savings account...)


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