natural aesthetic.


She ran through the doors in the technicolor labyrinth
 As gravity spun away from her universe. 
At the end of the ever-changing maze sat her love,
 The intelligent mind that weaved flowers in her head. 
Unfortunately, he was also the villain of her world, 
Constantly closing and opening the gates of her dreams and reality. 
They were together in that topsy turvy haze, 
Though complete opposites in love.

In our forever moving universe, there stands animals and plants. There are minds at work as beauty blooms around us. From the rainy cities that we walk through, to the forbidden blue of an unknown island, there is the cultivation of us. While exploring this tremendous world of ours, there are big places and small spaces to see. 

I happened to stumble upon a lovely little flower nursery nestled in a small town by the name of Smith's Acres. What really drew me in was the Ford pick up truck bursting with small flowers. It's truly a sight. Thus began the adventure through...


Little butterflies fluttered upon the lively plants all around, the green reflecting off of their white wings. And through the clear glass, the walls were painted with the blue sky and cotton clouds. There was a sense of gentleness...a sense of delicate, careful air. I was dreaming.

Wood shelves lined with miniature garden materials were dimly lit by the lights hanging down, the soft colors singing secret songs to one another. I imagine the fairies coming to life, tending to their own plants lining the cosmos.

It was utter love and magic in that plant shop. It was sweet and completely one of a kind. I fell into a vivid and true dream that day, and I won't forget about it's magic. Meanwhile, I will continue to wander into more worlds.

And for you, my love, a reminder: Welcome the universe into your heart, for it's drenched with beauty. Let it pour in, and feel the goodness.

Check out Smith's Acres on their website.

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