morning daze.

(Artwork by Isabel Saad). 

I have no idea what happened. Morning spilled over me like coffee on a tablecloth and left the stain of a good vibe. Unlike the quite unfortunate stain of coffee that you would hope to be able to remove, who wants to get rid of a good vibe? Those two words just send a feeling coursing through my bones all the time. But, morning good vibes are different. I can't quite put my finger on it, but oh my stars. It is beautiful. It sets you for a good day.

As I woke, a cold chill tickled my leg that was not concealed under the blanket. I stretched and began to notice my surroundings. Shadows were painted along the walls as sunlight crept through window. When I looked up at my ceiling, I noticed there wasn't a shadow there. Instead, a little rainbow casted by a jewel on one of my pillows. Also, it's always a pleasure to wake up and look at that little drawing on the wall. My absolutely wonderful friend drew it and I love it oh so much.

The calmness was just what I needed. Now, I'm on my way to spend my day just as I please.

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