relics of time.

Do you ever just look at old things and just wonder about the glorious history that is hidden in it's structure? I do. Whether it be an old camera, dress or something else, I just find it beautiful and almost mysterious. Recently, my town library held a book sale. At first, I really didn't have any intention on going. But then, we received word about it and my friend was volunteering. Now, I was determined to hang out with her because I missed her, but that's a story for another time. So, we decided to meet at the book sale. Sadly, I did not take any pictures at the book sale itself, But I did take some of the books we got. Okay. So. Old things + book sale = old books. Old. Books. Are. Beautiful. I cannot emphasize it enough. Think about all the people who have held it before you did and the places these people took the book. What if it lived through an entire war? Or what if a little girl kept it all her life, only to pass it on once her life came to an end? Sad, I know. But what if...

((They had a pressed fairy book. Not sure if I should feel bad for the fairies or scream in joy that they even had this.))


They are so pretty. And worn down. And old. And beautiful. Holy shuckleberries, they're magnificent and magical. Literally magical. In one of the books I got, there was a note from 1917. I carry this relic of time happily and hope to keep it for a long time. Oh, old things.

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