tea and the sea.

I've been a little obsessed with the ocean lately.
I can't help myself but blame you. 
For the stormy sea reminds me of 
Your eyes. 
It's an uncontrollable impulse
To think of your light smile
When the mist glitters my skin. 
But with all this fog...well...
I'll forget soon enough. 

Ah. I bet you didn't know I was a poet. Surprise surprise. Well. Even though this poem is completely random, I have been enjoying the sea. I did not expect it but I think I have gained an attachment to the vast Atlantic waters. I find myself wanting to go to the beach more and more. Even though I just read by the waves, I do quite enjoy it. I kind of want to wake up one morning and just go and search for sea glass...but I don't know how easy or hard that will be. But hey, everything is an adventure. I really want to go to the beach in the Winter. I don't know why...but it seems different. Something worth trying. Maybe this winter. I'll just enjoy the warm weather while it's still here. 

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