seasonal bucketlist: summer.

We all know summer is tons of fun. Whether residing at some retreat or hanging out at the local beach or even just tapping on your laptop from dawn to dusk, summer just happens to brighten that up a little more. Now personally, my favorite seasons happen to be Fall and Winter. There's just something so cozy about cold weather that I just love. But, I am trying to embrace all seasons as they come and go. So I created a bucket list for summer. A bunch of little things I plan on doing to spend/waste time. I'm actually really excited to get all this fun stuff done. As you can see, I've started blogging so I can check that off my list. But...I don't know. I still feel like something is there's more I should do. So, I might find some incredibly fun thing to do. I might not. We'll see what happens. But I like the bucket list idea. It's almost like a to do list. It'll keep me a little organized if I do plan on doing it all. Well. Embrace summer.

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